Many in the industry are moving towards non-GMO ingredients. GMOs are genetically modified organisms created in a laboratory using genetic engineering techniques. The following ingredients you will find with us are truly non-GMO.

·         Non-GMO Corn Starch

·         Non-GMO Corn Syrup

·         Non-GMO Sweet Potato Juice Concentrate (replaces corn syrup, sugar, etc.)

·         Non-GMO Lactic Acid Powder 60% – Flavor Booster

·         Non-GMO Magnesium Lactate

·         Non-GMO Calcium Lactate

·         Non-GMO Ancient Grains: Quinoa, Amaranth, Chia, etc.

·         Non-GMO Potato Starch

·         Non-GMO Tapioca Starch

·         Non-GMO Tapioca Syrup

·         Non-GMO Sweet Potato

·         Non-GMO Dehydrated Vegetables

·         Non-GMO Fruit Fiber

·         Non-GMO Vegetable Fiber

·         Non-GMO Pea Protein

·         Non-GMO Rice Protein

·         Non-GMO Citric Acid/Citrates

·         Non-GMO Lactic Acid/Lactates

·         Non-GMO Malic Acid

·         Non-GMO Vegetable Purees

·         Non-GMO Fruit Concentrates

·         Non-GMO Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Watermelon Peel


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